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Walt Disney World Tips

Walt Disney World Information:

Walt Disney World- Official Site: Official Website of The Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

Touring Plans:Great mobile app helps you plan your trip & minimize your wait times! Whether this is your 1st trip or your 40th, this is a must have app! Great information on character meet & greets! Live entertainment times guide.

Foot Health Tips

I was inspired by my friends at  to write a brief article on foot care tips. No small task I assure you because the average person walks 8-12 miles a day while vacationing at Walt Disney World! This is only increasing with the opening of Pandora and the future expansion of Hollywood Studios! Of course this is good everyday advice as well.

Tip #1: Don't try anything new.

If you can walk 8-12 miles a day in your current footwear at home, then you can do it at WDW. I would recommend a running shoe (Asics, New Balance, Saucony...). They are usually supportive but light weight & flexible. A tennis shoe or cross trainer is made to give more support for side-to-side movement and tend to be heavier. Make sure the insoles for your running shoes are removable. It doesn't matter how much you spend on your sneakers, the insoles are usually very thin & useless. Replace them with a pair of
  Spenco PolySorb Insoles Heavy Duty Maximum Support. I like to bring along an extra pair of sneakers for two reasons. 1st it seems no two pairs are identical & this will cause some of the pressure to be on different spots every other day. Secondly if the 1st pair gets wet you won't have to go crazy trying to dry them right away. I recommend you start wearing your new sneakers 2-4 weeks before leaving for vacation. By then, you'll know if there's going to be a problem. On the other hand, if your sneakers are too old, the midsole is probably worn out and won't give you the cushioning you need. All that being said, if you can currently walk comfortably for 8-12 miles a day at home in your Crocs, sandals, ( I recommend these Spenco Total Support Sandals for womenand for men), pumps, high heels or stilts, then by all means feel free to wear them on vacation.

Keens for women or for men. - Are well made with good support for when you want a sneaker alternative.

Socks, much like shoes, depend on individual preference. For me, I like a mostly cotton sock. My go-to brand is Wigwam. The cotton absorbs any extra sweat and keeps my feet firmly in the shoe. Others will prefer a more synthetic moisture wicking material. I feel like those types of socks are too "slippery" and cause my feet to move around in the shoe resulting in blisters. However, you need to find what works best FOR YOU. My advice remains to find out before you go to Disney. Try it at home. ​

Tip #2: Preventing Blisters.

If you haven't had blisters before & you take heed to tip #1 then this shouldn't be an issue for you. If you tend to get blisters then some additional precautions are necessary. A little 
Body glide  can go a long way to help prevent the friction that causes blisters. If you're already feeling a "hot spot", cover it immediately with moleskin  to prevent any further damage. Try & keep your feet as dry as possible (especially after Kali River Rapids!) and wear socks. If your feet tend to sweat a lot, bring some powder & an extra pair of socks with you to the parks.

Tip #3: Treating Blisters.

So you've ignored my first 2 tips & now you're ready to listen to me. :-) Most importantly RESIST THE URGE TO POP THEM! No you cannot sterilize a sewing needle, paper clip, safety pin etc..... by wiping it with alcohol, running it under hot water or kissing it up to God. You WILL introduce some bacteria which can cause a bad infection. The inside of a blister is sterile and the skin is a protective cover. You can use moleskin around the blister to relieve any pressure from the shoe. The best thing is to cover it with the 
Spenco Blister Pads. They will usually resolve on their own but if they persist, seek medical attention from a Podiatrist or other Medical professional.

I will add to this list as questions arise. If you have any questions or suggestions, please click on the contact us page. Hope this helps!

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